New to Breedlove Beauty Lab?

Why should I use an Infared sauna?
In our daily lives we are exposed to countless toxins both internally and externally. Our saunas provide a number of health benefits found here.

What should I wear to my Infrared session?

We do NOT have showers at Breedlove Beauty Lab. Studies have shown that the benefits of Infrared sauna continue well after your session. If possible, wait an hour or two before showering. We suggest you shower before your session for your cleanest sweat, and wear loose fitting clothing that will be easy to slip on over damp skin. 

What should I wear during my sauna session?

While in the sauna, we recommend wearing a bathing suit or simply a towel we will provide. If you prefer to bring an additional towel from home, you are more than welcome to do so! *NOTE: please refrain from wearing perfumes, lotions or body oils before your appointment. Some lotions and body oils can cause permanent damage to our saunas.

What if I can’t stand the heat?
Most people find the temperature in an Infrared sauna very comfortable. Ours are set at around 145 degrees and you are welcome to step out at any point if you feel overheated.

How often should I go to Breedlove Beauty Lab for Infrared?
We are here to support your individual health & wellness goals. The more you come, the better the results. We look forward to discussing a game plan tailored specifically to your needs!

Can I use my cell phone in the sauna?
Please refrain from talking on the phone during your session, but you are welcome to play your own music, meditations, etc. from your cell phone while in the sauna. Air pods work great for this! Keep in mind an Infrared session is meant to be relaxing, stress reducing and meditative so avoiding your phone altogether is ideal. Enjoy your “me” time! 

What if I have my period?
(Sorry men!) Not a problem, but it’s possible that Infrared sauna use may temporarily increase flow, so keep that in mind. The great news is that many report relief from common menstruation symptoms including cramping, bloating and headaches. Yes!

Can I use a sauna if I’m under 18?
All users must be 18 or older. 

***We do not allow children to sit unattended while you are enjoying your session and we do not provide childcare. Please make arrangements for your children prior to your appointment.

What if I’m on prescription drugs or pregnant?
ALWAYS check with your doctor. Increasing the body’s core temperature can possibly change a drug’s effect and/or may not be specifically recommended. Do your homework please! 

Should I eat before my session?
Give it a couple hours. Infrared right before a meal may interfere with proper digestion. Grab a bite after your session while those calories are still burning! Please do be sure to drink a lot of water before and after your session.

How do I make an appointment?
You can book online here.

What if I am late to my session/need to cancel?
We have a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. Showing up more than 5 minutes after your scheduled time may result in forfeiting and being charged for a full session. No shows and late cancels will be charged full price for the session ($35).